We are committed to making sure our neighbors have up-to-date project information and a clear line of communication for complaints and concerns. Work notices will be distributed prior to beginning each phase of work and will include a point-of-contact for questions and concerns. The listed point-of-contact will interface with the developer, County, City, Air District and other parties and will report directly back to the community in a timely manner.

Weekly Reports

Reports that provide an overview of completed work, upcoming work, and any off-site impacts are issued weekly. If you would like to receive these reports, please contact us.

Community Meetings

Alameda County Department of Environmental Health and the City of Alameda hosted a virtual community meeting on the Alameda Marina project on Wednesday, October 6 where they discussed the recent work stop order, when work will resume, and plans to manage dust and other off-site impacts. A recording of the meeting and copy of the presentation is included below.

Meeting Recording 

Outreach Materials

Links to past fact sheets, work notices and other community outreach materials are found below:
Work Start Notice October 2021
ACDEH Community Meeting Postcard October 2021
ACDEH Townhomes Redevelopment Corrective Actions and Mitigation Measures Fact Sheet August 2021
ACDEH Wrap A Area Corrective Actions and Mitigation Measures Fact Sheet October 2020
Alameda Marina Project Fact Sheet May 2018

Key Technical Documents

Alameda Marina

Sitewide Dust Control Plan October 2021
Health Risk Evaluation October 2021
Project Logistics Plan October 2021
Project Schedule October 2021
Communications Plan October 2021
Seawall Excavation and Backfill Summary and Deviations October 2021
Alameda Marina Site Cessation Memorandum Part II September 2021

Alameda Marina Townhome Redevelopment

Confirmation Sampling Work Plan October 2021
Draft Construction Quality Assurance for Corrective Action Plan September 2021
Revised Corrective Action Implementation September 2021
Draft Corrective Action Plan July 2021
Site Conceptual Model and Data Gap Evaluation Work Plan June 2021
Seawall Excavation Backfill Plan April 2021

For a more comprehensive listing of technical project documents, please visit the following State Water Resources Control Board GeoTracker webpages:
Alameda Marina
Alameda Marina Townhome Redevelopment

Contacting Us

We welcome your feedback! For more information, please reach out through our contact form.

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