Construction phasing

Construction of the Launch Apartments on the western end of the property is underway and will continue through 2023. Construction work is entitled and overseen by the City of Alameda and is phased as follows:

  • The Launch Apartments – through 2023
    • Constructed by Johnstone Moyer Incorporated
    • Building construction – through end of 2023
  • Seawall Rebuild – through April 2022
    • Constructed by the Dutra Group
    • Installation of storm drain connection #4 and completion of associated backfill – completed
    • Backfill of graving dock excavation with virgin drain rock and backfill and compact area with originally excavated soil – completed
    • Installation of storm drain connection #5 at seawall and completion of associated backfill – completed
    • Off-site hauling of concrete and other material from excavations (stockpiles E-I shown in figure below) – October – November 2021
    • Installation of structural seawall on the western portion of the project including new seawall columns and lagging – complete April 2022
  • Marina Townhomes – 2021 – 2025
    • Constructed by Landsea Construction LLC
    • Confirmation sampling and finalization of cleanup plan – November – December 2021
    • Site preparation and remediation activities –December 2021 –March 2022
    • Townhome construction – August 2022 – December 2025
    • Waterfront improvements, Bay Trail Completion – December 2025
  • Development of maritime and commercial areas – 2023-2025

This schedule is subject to change due permitting, weather, equipment availability and other unforeseen factors.

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